Ugly Rumor is a high-energy diverse Rock and Roll Cover Band consisting of experienced musicians from all walks of life who have experienced all types of performance venues and musical styles. With more than 100 combined years of musical experience, each band member has developed their craft with a multitude of musicians and honed their skills around good old American rock & roll that cooks. Together we produce a synergy of sound that provides a dynamic, danceable and thoroughly enjoyable musical experience that unlocks memories from the past. We feature tunes from all the classic decades including rock, R&B, Motown, Latin and country. We also have a wonderful cocktail hour assortment for cocktail hours and dinners prior to the dancing. Our gutsy vocals and musical wizardry create a high-energy driving force that generates excitement and audience participation. We cover a wide net of music genre and styles based on what you are looking for. 

In addition to plain just having fun, we are available for weddings, private parties, community events, jailbreaks, interventions and any other event you might be hosting. 

We specialize in tailoring to your needs so that once you select us, we take care of everything. Want a cocktail hour? Done. Want to add some tunes for your personal library? Done. Want to focus on a particular genre or decade? Done. We can and do accommodate any situation. We have all the equipment, canopies, lighting and our own sound tech to make sure everything goes perfect. We will make sure the entertainment is covered so you can focus on the rest of your event.

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